Recently we were asked to design and wall cabinet sign for Team Fishel in Plant City, FL.  Plant City is in Hillsborough County Florida. The wall sign needed to be of certain size and also meet brand requirements.  We went through the design process trying different size cabinets and designs.

We landed on a size the took advantage of the overall height of the building and the width that would properly proportion the sign to the logo standards.


Building signs can be challenging to get the logo or customer message as large as possible, yet keep the brand identity complete and accurate.

We chose to build a sign cabinet that has internal LED illumination.  The LED illumination will be bright and long lasting. The sign should work great for years without service. In the old days, the lamps would burn out more frequently.

The graphics for this sign needed to be special. The black background is important and the color of the logo needs to be sharp. Of course the black background is opaque to lighting but the other elements will be bright at night.  With the building configuration we are not able to slide acrylic panels into the sign.


We needed a more creative option to put graphic in the can but not slide them from the side. We decided to print the sign on a fabric based product that illuminates well with LED.  The flex face material will be long lasting. Also, we can apply the face directly to the front of the sign using a clip method. This makes service and installation much easier.

The building signs can evolve to many shapes and sizes so it is important to work with us to get the right size sign for your building.

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We are happy to design something special for you.  We service locations through out the state.