When searching for ideas on building wall signs, you may want to consider back lit LED.  The signs that you see on buildings that have a halo lighted affect are pretty interesting and attracts attention.  Most commonly, signs are front lit and glow through a color of vinyl or acrylic face.FUMC sign

The sign pictured here is for a Methodist Church in the Tampa area that wanted a logo made to replicate the cross and flame.  The cross and flame are made from aluminum and painted the appropriate logo color – red. The LED lighting behind the objects cast a nice halo of white light at night.

The use of LED lighting on signs is quite common now and really an industry standard. This method replaces the neon lighting for the most part and is more efficient to operate.  Certainly another benefit is the ease of service and reduction of expense over time.  A 20 amp circuit is all you need to operate the sign.

The cross and flame are made from aluminum so a long lasting sign that looks great for years to come.  The object stands a couple of inches off the wall to allow the lighting to spread behind the sign on the wall. In addition, the proper amount of LED’s are used to get a nice even distribution of light.

The lighting can vary in color so white is not the only choice to consider.  Sometimes a nice blue light is soft and elegant for the building wall.  Many customers respond that the sign looks very classy and rich.

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