Exterior building wall signs can be fabricated from a variety of materials, but this article will focus on formed plastic.  The custom formed plastic letters and logos are based on your artwork and design.WP_20141017_004 The beauty of this dimensional letter is the three dimensional look that can be achieved, yet affordable.  The letters are made out of (CAB) and is tough and versatile for indoor or outdoor use.  The wide array of colors are appealing to most customers. Of course, custom color matching is possible.  We have 31 colors to choose from so that takes care of most customers artwork.  Logos can be formed to be exactly to match your style.

The fact that they have a lifetime guarantee and fade resistant is important.  For locations that are difficult, the material is very durable and impact resistant.  The letters may be backlit with LED.  For very shiny gold features the faces can be done with gold leafing.

The faces can have different features also. Such as flat face, round edge on face or prismatic..  The thickness can vary by size of letter but commonly 1 -2 inches in depth is possible.

The face of the letter can also have different sheens. Your design may have Matte, Gloss, Mult-color, Semi-gloss, or Satin.

In our showroom, we have example to chrome finish. This is fine for interior or exterior use. The finish is durable and commonly used in auto dealerships and trendy places.  The brushed chrome has a unique look like stainless steel.

The mounting methods can vary from flush wall mount to raised off by some spacing. We have lots of ways to make your commercial sign look unique and custom.

If you want to discuss more about plastic or acrylic letter signs, please call 813-914-7006.