If you are searching for banner frames, this article may help.

When considering a banner and how it may be displayed on a wall, people commonly think about attaching it with nails or screws.  This may work for a temporary sign at simple event, but when banners are being used in a nice more permanent location, you may want to consider a banner frame.  banner frameThe banner frame is extruded aluminum in either black or silver.  The frame offers a lot of advantages.  It opens up completely to reveal attachment points all around the perimeter of the banner frame. These clips can attach to the edge of the banner to stretch it  tight with no gaps or wrinkles.  The banner frames can be made custom size so they fit about any size. This is nice for exterior use at museums and other places where events change and the banners can easily be removed and replaced with  a new artwork.  The banner frame can be attached to the outside of a building and be virtually hurricane proof if you are in the Florida market.  The banner sits snug against the wall to block any wind getting behind the banner to blow it out.   The customer can easily change the banners themselves so a cost savings on top of convenience.  The banner frame is very sturdy and offers mounting holes spaced in various areas to give the installer plenty of places to attach it.  When considering banners think about a nice frame to make the look more appealing than banner grommets.  Maybe your logo printed on a vinyl banner is just the look you need.

The frame is durable for indoor or outdoor use.