Recently we were contacted by the Principal of Berkley Accelerated Middle School & Polk Pre-Collegiate Academy about an interior reception area sign.  The newly painted wall needed a sharp looking sign to make a nice impression. After discussing a variety of materials and ways to fabricate the letters, we decided an acrylic letter with brushed silver laminated face would stand out nice against the dark blue wall.

Some of the discussion was around the design of the names and what would look best for layout on the wall. BerkleyWe looked at a linear design stretching wide on the wall to a stacked design, centered on the wall.  We came to the conclusion the stacked design was the best.

The flat cut acrylic letters would be a platinum silver color and the faces a brushed silver look. The letters would be stud mounted in the wall to offer a secure way to hold them.  Many times a double face tape is used, but with the new paints and low VOC, the adhesion is hard to predict.

The pattern was put on the wall to drill holes, several holes for each letter and then cleaned off. The letters are individually flush mounted on the wall.

We enjoyed working with the school administration on the project and their choice of materials worked out great!

We can do other types of interior lobby signage that can include deep looking metal letters to all kinds of colors of acrylic.  In fact, the acrylic and metal letters can be painted to match custom colors used by your brand.